Book Binding


  • What’s the difference between the following bound books?
  • Burst bound
  • Perfect bound
  • Saddle stitched
  • Case bound
  • Thermal bound

Burst binding has perforated edges where the folded ends (at the spine) are gathered and glued in sections. The sections are then trimmed neatly.

Perfect bound is similar again except the trimming is a bit more excessive for a more perfect look and is usually used on soft cover books.

Saddle stitching is basically a group of A3 or A4 pieces of paper folded and stapled in the centre to make a booklet half the size of the original paper. It is the cheapest and most economical form of binding.

Case bound books are ‘cased’ into the hard cover. These must be an exact fit. Basically it is a continuation of the burst bound book where the spine is strengthened by the case. The spine is covered by cloth before it is cased to keep all the sections together.

Thermal binding is using cloth with heat to fuse it to your manuscript spine of a book. It creates a neat appearance and allows your book to open flat.