A Moment With God

Short 5-minute daily devotionals to draw closer to God – ideal for those who are constantly on the run or with little time to spare

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A moment with God uses common occurrences within these short devotionals that show how everyday situations can demonstrate the love and power of God no matter how good or bad a situation may be. Utilising biblical references and a daily short prayer, this is a useful resource for daily prayer life.


  1. Meryl Brown Tobin

    A moment with God is a short 200 word daily devotional that focuses on a different issue each day. Typical issues such as busy-ness, impatience, and many others that simply get in the way of connecting with deepening our relationship with God in a meaningful way are covered. Each day uses everyday situations such as running late for work, home renovations etc to bring out something using God’s Word. Easy to use and useful for those with limited time.

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